[Wien] Name conflicts when creating parallel definition files

Jorissen Kevin Kevin.Jorissen at ua.ac.be
Fri Sep 5 12:58:36 CEST 2003

Hello, this one is just for the record : 

I ran into problems when doing run_lapw -so for a case called 'normaal'
which didn't give any difficulties in a normal run.
It crashed in lapwso, and it turned out the lapwso_?.def - files are
absolutely crazy.

The reason for this is the way lapwso_?.def - files are created from the
master lapwso.def :
Eg., case.norm is replaced by case.norm_1 for lapwso_1.def

In my situation, normaal.norm was replaced by norm_1aal.norm_1.  This is
not so bad, actually, just an ugly file name.  Worse is : you also get
norm_1aal.vector_1 ...  And of course this does not exist.

Solution : in lapwsopara, find the corresponding sed "s ..." - command.
Instead of just writing the file extension (vector, norm, ...), write
In my case, sed "s/$case.norm/&_$i/g" instead of sed "s/norm/&_$i".

Depending on your case-name, such things might happen for all parallel
programs.  Luckily, there's an easy solution.


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