[Wien] Installation of parallel 2kw03

Sharat Chandra sharat at igcar.ernet.in
Thu Jan 8 05:38:27 CET 2004

On Wed, 7 Jan 2004 pmodak at magnum.barc.ernet.in wrote:

> Dear Wien Users,
>                 I am trying to install parallel version of WIEN2k code in a 64 
> node pc-cluster having ifc compiler and mkl libraries, But durin compilation it 
> gives the error,
>                 INCLUDE mpif.h
> this include file does not exit.
> Can any body help me to understand why this error is coming ? THANKS in advance.

Before installing the Wien2k code you have to ensure that mpi libraries 
are installed on the system. If they are already installed, please give 
the correct path for the include files and library files in the compiler 
options. These should be given correctly using the siteconfig script.


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