[Wien] cluster problem

Michael Gurnett michael.gurnett at kau.se
Fri Jan 23 02:31:48 CET 2004

Sorry for replying to my own mail. I've increased both sleep and delay
paramater in lapw1cpara and lapw2cpara to 100 (pretty extreme). However I am
still getting error in lapw2

Error in LAPW2
**  testerror: Error in Parallel LAPW2
which in turn is due to the following

Input/Output Error 153: Input file ended

   In Procedure: fermi_tetra
        At Line: 480

      Statement: List-Directed READ
           Unit: 30
   Connected To: Li_Ge3x1.energy_1
           Form: Formatted
         Access: Sequential
Records Read   : 71
Records Written: 0

End of diagnostics

cp: cannot stat `.in.tmp': No such file or directory
rm: cannot remove `.in.tmp': No such file or directory
rm: cannot remove `.in.tmp1': No such file or directory

looking at case.energy_1 it is only 8033 and finishes with

 0.30000  0.30000 -1.87500999.00000997.00000997.00000
 0.500000000000E+00 0.125000000000E+00 0.500000000000E+00         1  5216
0  2.0

Typically, this is not a large file (44811 on previous cycle), but it is
always here that things are failing.
I'm running out of ideas at the moment.


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