[Wien] a question about JOINT

rjxiao rjxiao at blem.ac.cn
Thu Mar 10 03:58:20 CET 2005

Dear users,

I have a question about the calculation of intraband contributions in the JOINT program.At first, I use switch 6 which calculate intraband contributions and plasma-frequency,then I use switch 7 in which the contributions from different bands to plasma frequency are analyzed. I find that the plasma freqency calculated in these two way are different.In switch 6, I get a frequency 1.3251, while in switch 7,it is 11.9763. Since both of them are plasma frequency, why they are different?Which value of the plasma frequency I should trust?Or does it mean I make a mistake in the calculation?
Would anyboby like to give me any instruction?Thank you very much.

Best regards,

Ruijuan Xiao

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