[Wien] Compile errors in lapw1_mpi

Gerhard Fecher fecher at uni-mainz.de
Thu Oct 18 19:07:09 CEST 2007

I remember that I had a similar problem some time ago,
in that case some of my own subroutines had the same names like the ones in the mkl,
I did not follow that in detail because the problem disappeared with the latest compiler Version.

May be you go to check if youre problem is similar.

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I'm trying to update the Wien2k code on our cluster, which uses dual cores. 
With the latest Wien2k and latest intel mpi (3.0.043) and intel mkl 
(l_cluster_mkl_enh_p_9.1.023) I'm getting some errors. These are

In function `PB_Cztypeset':
PB_Cztypeset.c:(.text+0x33b): undefined reference to `zsymm_'
PB_Cztypeset.c:(.text+0x35d): undefined reference to `zsyrk_'
PB_Cztypeset.c:(.text+0x37f): undefined reference to `zsyr2k_'     

I've seen these mentioned in the mailing list before, but have not been able 
to find a solution to the problem



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