[Wien] w2web: interactive/background

Peter Blaha pblaha at theochem.tuwien.ac.at
Tue Dec 13 09:04:53 CET 2011

This can only be done by "hacking" the source  (scf.pl;   definition of $exetypes)

However, I guess this will be quite useless. Every user can open a window (or even use
the w2web command line option) and issue   "run_lapw &" there.

If you cannot trust your users, you have to take more strict measures, limiting the
cpu-time of processes other than ones started through a queuing system.

Am 12.12.2011 18:06, schrieb HK:
> Hello,
> I've configured the batch option in w2web so that the jobs only start when at least one CPU is free. However, users can still choose "interactive" or "background" in the "run_scf"
> menu.
> Is there a way to deactivate these two possibilities, or do I have to trust all users to patiently stand in line?
> Thank you,
> Holger
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