[Wien] compilation problem

AJAY SINGH VERMA ajay_phy at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 7 07:44:45 CEST 2012

as  i have 12.1 version of compiler but it doesn't come  in the option 
     I    Linux (Intel ifort 12.0 compiler + mkl )
     J    Linux (Intel ifort 9 or 10 compiler + mkl 9.0 )
     K    Linux (Intel ifort 11.0 compiler + mkl )
     K1   Linux (Intel ifort 11.1 compiler + mkl )
     A    AIX
     V    Linux (gfortran compiler + gotolib)
     G    GENERIC (should work on any platform)
     L    Linux (PGI compiler)
     P    Linux (Pathscale compiler)
     W    Linux (G95 compiler + gotolib)
     S    SGI (Origin)    
     S1   SGI Altix 350/3000 with Intel 7.1 compiler)
     U    SUN     
     L1   Linux (Lahey LF97 compiler)
     M    Mac   (mac g4 + absoft compiler)
and i select the I this is i think wrong 
to correct  it i change the linker flag and the libraries...
will u plzz tell me that which libraries are of the very much importance i.e we can skip to write others in R option.
thank u 
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