[Wien] configure input file for TETRA

Jameson Maibam j.maibam_official at yahoo.com
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Dear sir, using wien2k in windows xp might be reported earlier, but to me this is the first time. How did you install? Would you please let me know all the steps you have done?

Yours sincerely
Jameson Maibam

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Subject: [Wien] configure input file for TETRA

Dear Wien2k users

I'm using Wien2k_10.1 on windows XP.
I trying to re-calculate DOS for a structure and it seems that the "configure *.int" button doesn't work, meaning that I can't have a command line to choose the right DOS-cases (orbitals). In fact I got a message "configure_int needs input".  
I tried to recalculate DOS of other structures and of a simple structure (TiC) and got the same note.
Of course I can edit it manually (which works fine), but I do not know all the codes (for example "1" "1" stand for "1st atom"  " S orbital"). Where can I get a full list of the orbitals (I mainly look for different f orbitals in cubic system). I didn't find it in the useguide! 
How can I fix that 
"configure *.int" button ?

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