[Wien] lapw1 hangs over nfs

Oliver Albertini ora at georgetown.edu
Thu Dec 19 23:16:01 CET 2013


I am running k-point parallel over nfs, and every few iterations, a k-point
process will hang, leaving 'ghost processes' visible under the top command.
These processes have 0% cpu utilization.

Looking at the error files, the k-point in question will have this type of

$ cat dnlapw1_22.error
Error in LAPW1
 'INILPW' - can't open unit:  11

 'INILPW' -        filename: AgMgOCo.energydn_22

 'INILPW' -          status: unknown      form: formatted

 'LAPW1' - INILPW aborted unsuccessfully.
 'Unknow' - Unknown signal received

However, case.energydn_22 is present, but empty.

I suspect that this could be related to network speed. Has anyone had a
similar experience?


Oliver  Albertini
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