[Wien] Does w2web work on Mac OS X?

Kevin Jorissen kevinjorissenpdx at gmail.com
Fri Aug 8 07:47:17 CEST 2014

Hi all,

are people using the w2web browser of WIEN2k_13 on any Mac computers
running the current OS X (10.9)?

When I do so, the configuration stage passes without problems; I can enter
my login/password; I am then forwarded to (e.g.)
localhost:7890/session/change.cgi but this page does not display - I only
see "Error - Missing Header" in my browser.

I can see which lines of the perl code in $WIENROOT/SRC_w2web/bin/w2web
 throw that error, but I don't understand enough perl to troubleshoot
properly.  (I noticed there's some manipulation of line endings in the
preceding perl lines, but I don't think they're responsible).  Adding "-w"
to perl produces dozens of warnings about uninitialized variables but no
smoking gun that I can see.

I've encountered this problem:
* on 2 different Macs with the same software configuration (OSX 10.9.4,
perl v5.16.2)
* in different browsers
* over different networks

If I fire up a Linux VM on the same Mac, and run WIEN2k/w2web/browser
inside the VM, everything works as expected.  So it seems there must be
some software issue?  Any ideas where to look?

I'd be interested to hear from other Mac users.


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