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The first think to note is that emails should go to the list, not private
email addresses (unless someone asks you to).

The typical RMT via setrmt for Co is around 1.8, your value is too small.
Use some viewer to look at the atom distances of your case.struct, e.g.
Xcrygen, Vesta, Crystalmaker, Jmol, Atoms.

On Sunday, August 24, 2014, Minghao Zhang <miz016 at eng.ucsd.edu> wrote:

>  Hi Laurence,
>  Since I'm a new hand with WIEN2K calculation, may you tell me what do
> you mean "a factor of two" and can you suggest there is a method to set
> reasonable value for Li Co and O atom?
>  Thanks a lot and Best regards,
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