[Wien] compiling errors on SGI system

Peter Blaha pblaha at zeus.theochem.tuwien.ac.at
Wed Sep 17 09:41:00 CEST 2003

> Dear all, Thanks for wesley's help. But I recompiled on a SGI system with
> complib installed, I still got some warnings and one error.

I guess the warning you can forget.
The error is in SRC_phonon, thus most likely you can also forget it,
since without Parlinski's PHONON program it is of no use.
I'm not sure about this error, it simply seems that your SGI compiler
ignores ? the continuation sign in a write-statement which extends over
two lines, or at least cuts it at column 133.
Eventually remove leading blanks in these lines.

> SRC_phonon:
>               write(23,'(8x,3f10.7,3x,3f12.7)')
> pos1(1,idispl),pos1(2,idispl),po
> s1(3,idispl),displ(1,idispl),displ(2,idispl),displ(3,idispl)
>                                                                        ^
> f90-197 f90: ERROR SYM_FOR, File = wien2k2phonon_sym.f, Line = 573, Column =
> 133
>   Unexpected syntax: ")" was expected but found "EOS".

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