[Wien] naming conflict

Gilles Hug gilles.hug at onera.fr
Tue Mar 22 18:36:42 CET 2005

Dear all,
Wien2k works nicely on the Mac G5.
However, I went accross a weird clonfolct problem:
In Unix file naming is case sensitive but unfortunately it is not on 
the Mac for historical reasons (although it is based on a Unix BSD 
Therefore case.inm and case.inM are recognized as the same files by the 
Mac system.
I thought I could change the name of case.inM in mini.def, for example 
with a trailing underscore : case.inM_
This works once but for the second mini loops the script overwrites 

Before I dig into million lines of code is there a clever (and simple) 
workaround for that problem?

Thank you for help,

Dr. Gilles Hug
BP 72
92322 Châtillon
+33 1 46 73 45 42
gilles.hug at onera.fr

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