Stefaan Cottenier Stefaan.Cottenier at UGent.be
Mon Mar 19 09:14:26 CET 2012

My guess: there is no error at all here. Depending on the OS and 
compiler (and/or compiler settings?), the 'end' message can be 
different. Probably the piece of code in SRC_lcore was compiled in a 
different way (even with a different compiler?) then the rest of your 
wien2k installation. Maybe you copied the lcore executable from 
somewhere else?

If your calculation converges, and if there are no error messages in 
case.dayfile (what does it tell about lcore there?), then you should not 
worry about this.


>     I want to run an oxide material for optical properties with MBJ.But
>     in each of my cycles “stop core end” line appears after “LAPW2 END”.
>     The MBJ cycles are executed successfully with each cycle having this
>     “stop core end line” Because of this I am unable to find optical
>     property graphs . Can anyone tell me about nature of this line ?
>     what should I do to avoid this line? I have tried multiple times by
>     changing different parameters but not able to execute it properly____
>     hup: Command not found.
>     LAPW0 END
>     LAPW0 END
>     LAPW1 END
>     LAPW2 END
>     ec cc and fc_conv 0 1 1
>     Looking for help and guidance.
> Best regards
> Masood
>     Hope to see a solution very soon
>     Thanks
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