[Wien] error in running the x opticc

ben abdallah houda bhouda02 at yahoo.fr
Sun Apr 7 18:02:10 CEST 2013

Dear Eamon McDermott, M.Sc

Thank you for your answer. But I need to solve this problem. Have you a practical solution?
More thank you for your help!

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no space left on device

You have run out of disk space on the device containing your output directory, or for some other reason the process is unable to write to the disk (such as NFS issues).

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On 2013-04-07, at 12:08 PM, ben abdallah houda <bhouda02 at yahoo.fr>

Dear Wien2k users,
>I am trying to calculate the magneto-optical properties of GaMnAsP. For this I have done in the first step the calculation SO then I completed all the steps to start the stage optics, using the "x opticc -so -up." This step has been discontinued and I found the following message:
>forrtl: no space left on device
>forrtl: severe (38): error during write, unit 3, file /home/houda/WIEN2K/ GaMnAsP.symmatup
>error: command /homr/houda/wien2kpackages/ opticc upoptic.def failed
> I want to know:  what this message means and how I can fix this error. I really need to solve this as I am in the final stage of my work.
>Thank you for your answer in advance. I am very grateful
>Dr. Houda Ben Abdallah.
>Departement of Physics, Laboratory of Condensed Matter (LPMC). 
>Faculty of Sciences, Tunis. Tunisia
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