[Wien] TB-mBJ for a metal?!

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A few studies have shown that TB-mBJ (like hybrid functionals) is maybe not recommendable for metals:
However, it is not easy to draw general conclusions for all metallic systems.

F. Tran

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 Dear WIEN2k group,
We are studding an insulator within TB-mBJ, and our calculated band gap with the c_opt is in excellent agreement with experiment. Our PBE-GGA result shows that this insulator becomes a metal by doping an impurity in agreement with experiment. Our TB-mBJ calculation for the latter metal cannot be well converged after a lot of iterations. We doped the insulator by another impurity so  that it remains insulator. For the latter insulator the TB-mBJ calculation is quickly and well converged.
At first glance, it brings in mind that the TB-mBJ may not be applied on a metal. But, we are not sure.
Any comments will help us. 
Thank you.

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