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I think the install script did it for you. Go to any of your case directories, start octave, and try to load the struct file,

type s=loadstruct("yourcase.struct"), if this works then you have it.



On 28 March 2014 AM 12:25:07 Lawal Mohammed wrote:

Dear Developers and Users,

I understand that STRUCTEDITOR need octave environment, which is working on my system. The question is I don't know how to install the structeditor and I need your help to do that.

In the readme.txt (/SRC_structeditor/doc), it says

*Compile fortran sources (SRC_*) and copy binaries to bin.
 To do this adjust options in make.inc file and run install script.
*Make sure that octave will find the bin directory, e.g. update
 octave enviroment variables:  OCTAVE_EXEC_PATH, OCTAVE_PATH

In my bashrc I have
export STRUCTEDIT_PATH=$WIENROOT/SRC_structeditor/bin
So, I assume that my  octave environment variables are updated.

However, I don't know how to adjust options in make.inc file and run install script?

Always appreciating your help.

Kind regards
Lawal Mohammed



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