[Wien] NAGWare f95

Michael Gurnett michael.gurnett at kau.se
Tue Jan 13 18:13:59 CET 2004

Just out of interest. How are these pc's networked since you mention mpi and
scalapack. I beleive that normal gigalan cards are to slow to do mpi and
should only be used for k paralisation. If you are using myrinet cards then
you are probably alright.


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> > I am using the pre-compiled Wien2k in single pc very goog. But, now I
> got
> > the NAGWare f95 and I would like to recompile the Pacakage to be able to
> use
> > the parllel option (four Pcs) using the Redhat 9.0 and mpich-1.2 and
> Scalapack.
> >
> > So, would you please help me by sending the compiler options where I got
> many
> > errors.
> About 2 years ago (before the ifc era), I tried to compile wien2k with
> NAGWare f95, because that was the only f90 compiler we had at hand then.
> list of errors was impressive, indeed... I could solve many of them with
> assistance of the helpdesk of the company where the compiler was bought,
> in the end it turned out that I was spending too much time on it, and I
> abandoned that compiler. Hence, I think it is also for you more efficient
> you switch to the free ifc.
> Stefaan
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